PSI molding


  • Products of the same mold can have a variation in their appearance by using different designs of inserted films or sheets.
  • Functions of films and sheets such as hard coat or anti-reflection can be added to molded articles.
  • Transmissive or window graphics can be created on molded articles.
Automobile Parts Center Panel for Automobile.
Cost reduction will be expected as piano-black appearance can be expressed without spray painting process.
Automobile Parts HVAC Control Panel for Automobile.
Graphic area can be transmissive even with the colored resin by controlling the molded range.
Automobile Parts Dial Plate for Automobile.
Diamond-cut texture on the surface formed by resin pressure at molding is creating the product design with presence.
Automobile Parts Shift Knob for Automobile.
The neo-futuristic design with a glossy and deep feel is achieved by sheet insert double molding.

Sakaiya's Own Prototypes Shift Panel for Automobile.
Combining printing and die-transferring methods can create the appearance as if a separate plated component is assembled at the center of the panel.
Parts for Public Facilities Component for Electronic Payment Device.
The clear resin on a backside-printed sheet gives the product abrasion resistance and the glossy appearance.
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Overseas locations have obtained IATF16949 or ISO9001.
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