Privacy Policy

Sakaiya Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sakaiya") believes that it is its crucial responsibility to protect all private information provided to it and formulates the following Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy").

1. Private Information

The term "private information" as used in this Policy shall mean information which can identify a specific individual by address, name, phone number, email address, and others.

2. Collection of Private Information

Sakaiya considers the private information it collects as the information which its customers have provided by their will.
If a customer provides private information of his or her family or a third party or if he or she is a minor, Sakaiya considers that the collected private information has been provided upon consent of the family, the third party, or the guardian.

3. Protection of Private Information

Sakaiya safely protects private information in order to prevent its leakage, misappropriation, and manipulation.
Moreover, Sakaiya thoroughly disseminates the protective measures to all of its employees.

4. Purpose of Utilization

Sakaiya uses private information for the purposes listed below.
1)Sakaiya's response to its customer's comments, questions, and applications
2)Job recruitment and employment management
When Sakaiya uses private information for other purposes, it will notify to its customer or publicize in advance the purpose and method of use.

5. Provision to Third Parties

Sakaiya will not disclose collected private information to third parties excluding the following cases.
1)With a customer's consent
2)Private information is processed as statistical data so that individual customers are not identifiable.
3)It is necessary to disclose private information to Sakaiya's affiliated companies with which it has an agreement on the protection of private information in order to carry out the purpose of use which has been presented to its customers.
4)Information provision is required by law.

6. Deletion of Private Information

Private information sent to Sakaiya for the purpose of employment application will all be deleted after decision of acceptance.
Inquires have been stored as data under present circumstances.
For those who wish to delete the information, please contact Sakaiya from Contact Us.
The information will be deleted as soon as the personal identification is verified.

7. Continual Improvement and Others

The information management team in Sakaiya strictly controls private information provided by its customers and takes continual measures to prevent misappropriation, leakage, and manipulation of the information.
The Policy may change for its further improvement.
In such case, the most up-to-date contents will be posted on this website.
All domestic locations have obtained IATF16949 and ISO14001.
Overseas locations have obtained IATF16949 or ISO9001.
Sakaiya Co., Ltd. will work to enhance customer satisfaction
through continuous improvement of our management system.

Sakaiya is always recruiting new members for various sections. For more details, feel free to Contact Us.