Technology & Products
Screen printing

Screen printing is a type of stencil printing. Printing screens are made of chemical fiber or metal mesh, and the weave patterns work as holes for ink to be pushed out.

Heat press forming

Heat press forming is a type of plastic forming. Arbitrary shape can be formed by applying pressure on a plastic film or sheet by a set of molds after softening the material with heat.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a type of dry printing without using ink. Graphic will be transferred to an object by pressing heated and pressured foil of vapor-deposited metal against it.

Nano imprinting

Nano imprinting is a microfabrication technology which transfers fine patterns imprinted on a die to materials such as plastic films or sheets and glass by pressing the die against the materials.

Multi cavity forming

Multi cavity forming is a type of plastic forming. Arbitrary shape can be formed by appressing a plastic film or sheet against a mold by pressure after softening the material with heat.

Injection molding

Injection molding is a type of plastic molding which produces molded articles by loading heat-melted resin into a mold and solidifying the resin with cooling or heating. Sakaiya mainly uses thermoplastic resin.

PSI molding

PSI molding is a molding method which combines a decorated plastic film or sheet with a molded article by inserting the material into an injection mold. Sakaiya invented this method in 1987.

Plastic plating

Plastic plating is a type of surface finishing which covers the surface of a plastic part with a thin metallic layer. There are wet plating which uses liquid for processing and dry plating which does not require liquid. Plastic plating means wet plating in a narrow sense.

Spray painting & Laser etching

Spray painting is a type of decorative method which applies paint to an object. Other than decoration, this method is aimed at increasing the object's surface hardness and adding protective functions such as weather resistance. Graphics can be expressed by laser etching.

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